Thursday, November 12, 2015

No time to talk

   Seriously. No time. None. Zero. I have about 4 different topics I want to discuss here, but I have time for exactly zilch. I finally found a place for my childbirth classes, so those begin next week. I'm going back to school in January. And Perrin is well, Perrin, and two. So....I'm sorry. Eventually, hopefully, I'll get around to discusses modern parenting and the social costs, Perrin's sleeping habits as a toddler, and whatever else it was that I wanted to talk about (See, I already forgot). But I also have a writing contest I'm submitting to and desperately trying to finish my piece for, a house to clean, and a bunch of other crap. And all of our shit keeps breaking. So it may be a while. Thanks for understanding.

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