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   In honor of International Babywearing Week, I figured I would take some time to talk about why I like babywearing and the different carriers I use regularly. For those not familiar with the terminology, babywearing refers to carrying your child on your body using any number of devices (so not just holding them because babies are heavy and we have stuff to get done!). There are numerous benefits to wearing your child on your body, both for mom and for baby. Our family didn't even bother with a stroller or one of those infant car seat carrier thingies. They just seemed so clunky and like they were more pain than they were worth. We opted for a convertible carseat that goes from newborn to 70lbs. and babywearing. This worked out well since Perrin turned out to be very high needs and I wear him quite a bit throughout the day.

*Also, please note the in some of these pictures Perrin is lower down on my body than he would be if properly positioned. I wear him looser when he is nursing (which is almost all of the time, lol) and then tighten him up to proper position when he is done/asleep. Babies should be tight against your body with their head right up under your chin, close enough for you to lean down and kiss.

Perrin in the hip carry in our sling

   First up is my ring sling. I use it the least, but I still really enjoy it. It's nice because I can stuff it in my purse for quick trips. Perrin also really enjoys the hip carry where he can see out and still be snuggled up. The down side to ring slings is they get uncomfortable fast since all the weight is on one shoulder. I wouldn't recommend them for older kids (or at least heavier older kids).

Perrin tummy to tummy at 6 weeks

Hug-hold in the Moby
   We also have a stretchy wrap, a Moby. I use this one the most around the house. It's comfy enough that I can sit back in the recliner with Perrin in it (no buckles digging into my back or anything) and take a nap or watch a movie while he snoozes. Moby's are great for kangaroo care and little ones who like to be snuggled up. Although, stretchy wraps don't do as well with heavier kids since most of the weight is on your shoulders and the heavier they are, the more the wrap will stretch and sag with them in it. (I have a similar wrap made of mesh that we use for the pool)

Nursing in the water wrap while taking a swim

Joey wearing 3 day old Perrin in the Boba

  My third and favorite carrier is our Boba 3G. I have always thought soft-structure carriers were a little lack-luster and not nearly as artsy as Mei Tais or woven wraps, but truth be told if I could only pick one carrier in the world to have, it would be our Boba. These types of carriers generally can be used from newborn to toddlerhood (some like the Ergo require an extra insert for the teeny tiny babies). They distribute some of the weight across your hips so they are more comfortable to wear larger kids in for longer periods. They are fairly versatile, many can be worn with the baby on your back. For a full review of some of the most common soft-structure carriers, see this great chart.
Perrin helping me vacuum

Using the front carry for the Improving Birth Rally!

   There are plenty other types of carriers you can look into. Mei Tais are beautiful and a good option in between a wrap and soft-structure carrier. Woven wraps are also wonderful, but I confess I'm slightly intimidated some of the more advanced wrapping techniques. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. The only ones I would stay away from are the narrow based, forward facing varieties such as the Baby Bjorn. They just aren't made ergonomically and can be uncomfortable and/or cause problems if the baby is in them for long periods of time. Plus there is nothing they offer that you can't get with another type of carrier. So that's it! Get out there and wear those babies!

Trying out a Mei Tai we picked up for a friend. This one is an Infantino.


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