Saturday, December 15, 2012

Consummatum Est

   We did it! We made it to the end of the semester. As of Thursday evening, Joey and I were both completely done. It feels good. There are moments when I sit on the couch and sip my hot tea without simultaneously trying to type or do advanced math.We sleep in until 8 o'clock.  It is strange and beautiful. I would love to come up with a wonderful ode to all we have learned and accomplished over the past few months, but I used up all of my brain cells on my papers and stats final (mostly the stats final).  But now we have a few magical weeks do some more exploring around the area, catch up on some house projects we have been neglecting (who needs insulation, am I right?), and getting ready to make a trip back to Memphis to visit friends and family. And grow a baby.
  But as you can see, Joey and Jiminy are already getting settled into Christmas break. Fender is asleep on the bed, because let's face it his entire life is Christmas break. And I'm curled up at the other end, sipping my tea and reading the Hobbit for the first time before we go see the movie. I'm sorry to say, Tolkien fans, I'm over a third of the way through and not that impressed. I also don't see how they are going to make this book last three movies. However, I am excited about the new Les Miserables movie that comes out Christmas day. I'm sure I just committed some type of fantasy literature mortal sin. Oh well. But that is my report for the entire semester. We survived. The end.

And when he is not beasting his way through Uncharted 3, Jiminy has found a new, second favorite hobby.

I have very little faith that the tree will be standing when we get back in town.

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