Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Last Post from the Past

   The last and most complicated (time wise) post from the past. I am writing this post November 30th. I have already broke the news to the masses and posted the first Post From the Past. But I have a few more to get to before I can start writing in real time, and I want to go over the happenings of the past week while they are still fresh.
   At the beginning of the week I went to see the endocrinologist who will be taking over my thryoid stuff for my pregnancy. Since my levels will fluctuate so much, the general medicine people didn't want to deal with it. The doctor was wonderful and I got my schedule for how often I'll get poked with needles over the next 7 months. Yay. This past Wednesday we had our first official prenatal appointment. Everything went great. We got to hear the little heart beat. I was really nervous because I had been having dreams (oh, pregnancy dreams) for the last week that every time we tried to go to the appointment to hear the heart, something crazy would happen. Like, we got attacked by bears or Joey battled Bane crazy. So I was relieved when the first thing our midwife did was grab the doppler (This will be our only time using the doppler. We just really wanted to hear the heart before we started telling people and didn't want to wait until we could use the fetoscope).She found it pretty quickly and it was loud and strong! All of my vitals looked great. We went over my chart from  when I conceived (We used FAM as contraception for over a year before we used it to get pregnant) and she thinks I might actually be a few days farther along than I originally thought. However, because she is amazing, she didn't officially move my due date back. That way if baby takes a little longer to come, I have more time before I have to start dealing with red tape (thank you, State of Arizona). Then after our hour long appointment she busted open her amazing dried herb store and custom made me a giant jar of dried tea will all kinds of pregnancy-helpful properties. Have I mentioned how much I love having a midwife?
   So after the appointment we began calling close friends and family and Friday the information went "live" on Facebook and the first Post From the Past was revealed. Thursday I talked to a few key administrators in my department, just to give them a heads up about what was going on. Surprisingly most people seemed genuinely excited for me, which was a relief. It feels kind of odd having everyone know our "secret" since we have been working so hard to keep it to ourselves for so long now. But it's nice to feel the love and excitement from everyone!
  So that's it. I'm almost done with the first trimester, and I have to say, it has been much easier than I expected. I only had about a week and a half of nausea and while I can still sleep about 10 hours a night, I'm not dragging as bad during the day. The baby and I are both doing amazing, so I couldn't ask for anything more! Oh, and I managed to score my dream pump on sale for $100 off on a Black Friday online deal. THAT was really hard not to brag about, lol. But seriously, if you are ever in the market for a new pump, Hygeia has some of the best ones on the market. Not only are the pumps great, but the company itself is really awesome. They are WHO compliant (brands like Medela aren't), environmentally friendly, and you can send them used pumps to be refurbished instead of thrown away. Since it was on sale, I treated myself to the fancy set up with the tote and everything. Our first baby purchase! So this is it for the time warp. From now on, I will be posting in real time. So stay tuned!

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